Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

Who we are

As the Marine Corps Service Intelligence Center, MCIA delivers intelligence to inform policy makers, the force development enterprise, and warfighters in order to enable success in the current and future operating environment.

MCIA's Enterprise Coordination Center is the Marine Corps' 24/7 single point of access for all-source intelligence reach-back support. MCIA is comprised of the service intelligence center, located at Marine Corps Base - Quantico, Virginia.


Lines of Effort

Based on the Marine Corps's mission and the National Defense Strategy, MCIA's mission and lines of effort (LOEs) are focused on tracking peer competitors and ensuring the capacity and capability of the command in the current and future operating environments

LOE 1: Understanding How the Pacing Threat Thinks, Acts, and Fights

MCIA will conduct intelligence analysis and production that support a holistic and detailed understanding of how our adversaries make decisions, employ forces, and operate at the tactical and operational levels across the warfighting domains.


LOE 2: Deliver Decision Advantage

MCIA will capitalize on the knowledge, experience, and creativity of our workforce, partners, academia, and industry to enhance our core capabilities and address complex challenges. MCIA will enable decisionmakers to make informed decisions and risk assessments to develop and employ Marine forces as part of the Joint Force around the globe.


LOE 3: Integrate and Enhance the Mission

MCIA will effectively and efficiently manage our financial, physical, information, and personnel assets at all levels of the organization as trustworthy stewards of our nation's resources and will prepare the enterprise for future challenges.