Officer Educational Programs

Junior Officer Strategic Intelligence Program (JOSIP)

MARADMIN 357/21:  This message solicits applications for the JOSIP.  JOSIP
is a graduate-level program that cultivates in-depth knowledge and
understanding of the National Intelligence Community among selected Marine
Intelligence Officers.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program (JOCCP)

MARADMIN 357/21:  This message solicits applications for the JOCCP.  The
purpose of the JOCCP is to broaden the Education and Experience of Officers
who have demonstrated potential for future leadership in the Intelligence
Community.  This program provides an intensive three-year internship at the
National Security Agency (NSA) in the fundamentals of cryptologic skills and

Enlisted Educational Programs


Foreign Language Programs 
Coming Soon

National Intelligence University (NIU)
Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence, Bachelor of Science in Intelligence, Master of Science in Technology and Intelligence
Eligibility:  Cpl --
Announcement: late October, possibility the beginning of November
Selection:  February

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National Security Agency
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Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
Advance Degree Programs
Eligibility:  SSgt -- MGySgt
Announcement:  TBD
Selection:  TBD
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National Intelligence University (NIU)
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Civilian Educational Programs

Education Programs that provide a degree upon completion:

Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF)
Master's in National Resource Strategy
Eligibility -- Grade 14-15
Announcement:  February

Command and Staff
Eligibility -- Grades 12-13
Announcement:  April

National Intelligence University (NIU)
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Scholarship Program(s):

Pat Robert's Intelligence Scholarship Program (PRISP)
Eligibility -- Intelligence Professional  with student loan or who are pursuing Education in certain ODNI approved disciplines
Announcement:  January
CLICK HERE for more information.

DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program
Eligibility -- Full scholarship assistance for civilian and military pursuing a Master's or Doctoral Program in Information Assurance.
Announcement:  November

Points of Contact

Officer Educational Programs
COMM: 571.256.9334  DSN: 312

Enlisted Educational Programs
National Intelligence University

COMM: 703.614.2082  DSN: 312

Naval Postgraduate School
COMM:  571.356.9335

Foreign Language Programs
COMM:  703.614.6551  DSN: 312

Reserve Educational Programs
COMM:  703.614.3657  DSN: 312

Civilian Educational Programs
Human Capital Management Specialist

COMM:  703.692.1407